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Peter Kaiser Caramel Shoe

Cobbled In Caramel

The caramel collection from Peter Kaiser is brilliant because of its versatility, I know your thinking that it wont go with anything you own but the truth is quite the opposite. So here is the lowdown on how to look amazing in this sophisticated and demure colour.

The theory that caramel doesn’t go with black is utter nonsense, waring a little caramel with a black office outfit will make your blacks appear darker and sharper,  so a simple clutch or patent shoe is perfect.

Caramel should always be warn with neutral tones… this is also not true.  The deeper colour items you have in your wardrobe will look great with caramel as long as they are of a similar saturation the caramel will bring out the colour in the clothing.  For example if you ware navy with caramel the navy will look bluer.

Waring Caramel shoes makes your legs look shorter! Again this is false. The truth about visually elongating your legs can only be done by waring a pair of nude pointed toe shoes, these have to match your skin tone perfectly. Keep this perfect match in mind when picking your nude colour as the tights you are going to ware when waring the nude shoes will affect the colour match.  Caramel shoes have very little affect on the visual length of your legs but if you are looking to ware caramel shoes and elongate your silhouette ware narrow fitting trousers that stop just above your ankle this will add visible length in your lower leg.

You can ware denim and caramel in fact I encourage you to. The caramel and blue combination is refined and can take you from day to evening. During the day ware pastels and floral and for the night add some statement jewelery, this makes the caramel accessories very versatile.

White and Caramel is another classic combination that looks fantastically summery.

Waring caramel accessories will add elegance and sophistication to a huge range of outfits, the only things I would not ware caramel with is orange but there are contradictions to this rule too.

To summarize the Caramel colour is versatile strong and complementary it is a great colour to have available in your wardrobe and you will find it makes your trusted outfits even better.  To shop Peter Kaisers Caramel Shoes and handbags click here.

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