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Five shoes one dress

1 Dress, 5 Shoes

We have found the most amazing bridal party dress, It is glamorous, timeless,  flattering and playful everything you could ever want in a outfit. We are all in awe of this fantastic outfit by Suzannah and we all have our preference for the perfect shoe to go with it so today’s blog is open to debate, but one thing is for sure we all love this dress.

The first shoe suggestion is the Patu in red patent crackle.  This is a statement shoe in a peep toe style complements the 50’s shaping of the dress and the red flowers.

The pink Lukrezia is another high heeled contender, with a patent heel and leather upper in a pity pink that complements the pinky hues in the dress. The rounded toe and full sides are perfect to keep your feet comfertable during an all day event.

Now we are starting on the more understated colours but still fabulous shoes;

The Rosa in caramel is the suggestion instead of a nude, as nude with this dress will look very washed-out.  The caramel of this sweet kitten heel is a pretty patent pastel colour that will look delicate and complement the dresses colouring, making the dress the statement piece.

The metallic Jamala looks amazing with this dress as the soft shine from these metallic shoes is mimicked in the silk of the dress.

The final suggestion is a softer one. It is the Isero made with a taupe suede this cute ballet pump  has a knotted front detail and fabric trim.  This ballet pump would be the first choice if you are in the immediate bridal party and in heels will be considerably taller than the bride.

What shoes you chose to go with this dress is initially up to you, but one thing is for sure you will have to ware big eyeliner with a good flick.

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