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Peter Kaiser Easter

Happy Easter from Peter Kaiser

Happy Easter from Peter Kaiser, Whatever you choose to do this Easter weekend we hope you enjoy yourselves. In case you are stuck for ideas we are shearing a few ideas.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the dough god that is Paul Hollywood (mummm that kneading technique makes a woman week at the knees).  Paul has a fabulous series on the BBC at the moment all about bread and he has also done an Easter bake off special with Mary Berry. Mary is a big Peter Kaiser fan and is seen regularly in her Aila boots. Watch either or both show’s to get the real urge to make beautiful bread and admire Paul’s beautiful handy work, just make sure you have some fresh yeast in the cupboard before you start watching.  For the Easter weekend we are suggesting the hot cross bun recipe beautiful toasted with a bit of butter.

Our second suggestion would be a family walk, its an Easter tradition in our household to take a walk over the weekend and after asking around the office it seems to be a common answer. Wrapping up specialty well this year as the weather is still arctic, but pick a great route with the help of County walking magazine.  The magazine is offering free downloads of local walks in a few picturesque arias of the UK and some may pass rather too near to a convenient pub. Another common theme being based in Cheshire is the point to point. Even if your not that into horses the spectacle is well worth watching.

A spring clean is a common use of the Easter weekend, if you like being outside of your garden would welcome a light weed and scraping the lawn now will improve your garden in the summer. If you are more of a inside person a clean out of the kitchen cupboards and pantry will turn out things that have been long forgotten and only fit for the bin.

If you feel the cold this weekend is not going to entice you out of your sofa nest, so try a new book ‘The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’ it is a light read and humorous.  Otherwise a trip into fantasy with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a wonderful use of a weekend.

If all else fails get out the laptop and go internet shopping our suggestion is of course  Peter Kaiser.

Happy Easter Weekend.

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