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Peter Kaiser Dione

Timeless Stiletto Shoes from Peter Kaiser

The sophistication of a classic Peter Kaiser stiletto shoe is as timeless as the woman wearing it.

The history of the stiletto is both regal and powerful, this history reflects the shoes essence and how the wearer feels when they are adorned to their feet. Peter Kaiser have been producing shoes for as long as the modern stiletto has been in production. This shared history is exhibited by the most classic, iconic and beautiful stiletto seen since Manolo Blahnik’s ‘Needle’.

The ‘Dione’ shoe by Peter Kaiser embodies all the caricaturists of the perfect stiletto. The pointed toe on the Dione stiletto shoe is the perfect introduction to the suede shoe. Peter Kaiser has followed the pointed toe by tapering the foot opening to create a slimming effect across the ball of the foot. The sole of the shoe is un-platformed giving the foot a slim appearance, this single sole style is ever popular in stiletto shoes and pumps.

The icing on the cake is the stiletto heel, perfectly slim and elegantly shaped it makes the Dione stiletto by Peter Kaiser the epitome of style and sophistication. The stiletto offers the wearer a supportive lift of 8.5 cm, the perfect height for all day wear.

Peter Kaiser Dione is available in black leather suede that punctuates its presence by offering a perfectly matte finish ensuring a perfect black stiletto regardless of the lighting. The Dione is the perfect shoe for your complete wardrobe from pant suit to jeans, but will make your little black dress a WOW outfit.

It is one of our favorite shoes for Peter Kaiser spring summer 2013 and given the popularity it wont be available for long so order your Peter Kaiser Dione today.


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